ele animals

love by phil burns

Ear Phones Recommended:

I know you love to ride on horses
so sleek and proud and fast
against all odds I was your favourite
but that’s way back in the past

I know you love a polar bear
like me he’s from the frozen north
you appreciate his majesty
unlike me he has some worth

I know you love a butterfly
multicoloured bright and gay
but like all beautiful ephemera
your love for me lived just one day

I know you’d love to ride a camel
across long miles of arid sands
I thought I was your oasis
but I never had the slightest chance

I know you love a giraffe
so elegant and tall
legs and neck that reach up to the sky
leave me always feeling small

I know that once you loved AnElephant
you’d happily have one for a pet
like AnElephant I’m old and grey
and like him I can’t forget

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4 Responses to ephemera

  1. emmylgant says:

    I like the way you repeat “I know you love…” like a lament of the forsaken.
    Sadness spills everywhere.


  2. Dale says:

    AnElephant can surely find his match…


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