missing you

missing you by anelephantcant

missing you by anelephantcant

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  I walk around the quiet port
uninspired by my well-loved view
the masts are limp and pointless
they have no purpose without you

I reach out to the mighty pine
aware that he already knew
though you’ve been gone for just a heartbeat
he understands I’m missing you

I gaze up at the sullen sky
though the clouds are white and few
somehow there is no sparkle
and no sunshine without you

I wander to the restless Med
my love forever true
her spray as salty as my tears
she too is missing you

I look towards the brooding hills
their majestic dark green hue
they are dully uninteresting
flat as my life is without you

I sit in silent darkness
feeling blue feeling blue feeling blue
I sit in silent darkness
missing you missing you missing you


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17 Responses to missing you

  1. Those poor limp masts.


  2. Thank you for the reading. Makes a huge difference to hear it!


  3. Indira says:

    Sad and beautiful. I’m afraid I’ll sing like this if left alone.


  4. bonniehofkin says:

    Nice Bri. And love the visual.


  5. Dear Pinky,

    No one writes a sob quite like you, like you, like you. Lonely, visual and lovely.




  6. emmylgant says:

    Absence of the other in all its pain is beautifully caught in this poem.
    The nearly unbearable silence of the missed one rolls in shallow breaths, looping thoughts, like the short ripples of a lonely Med.
    Heartbreaking lines throughout but mostly the last ones.


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