dreams of sighs


dreams of sighs by anelephantcant

I see reflected in the mirror
the face of the weeping clown
I ask but there’s no answer
how much further down is down

I thought I was in heaven
we danced under skies of blue
but angel when you waltzed away
you took Paradise with you

we ventured once to Venice
where dreams of sighs are made
the world was full of magic
and I was not afraid

it was always early summertime
the paths we walked were flowered
and I was so much braver then
now I’m a lovelorn coward

I have only one more question
now that we are far apart
how do I get on with my life
until you send back my heart

I know how far down I can go
now that Paradise is lost
I am face down in the gutter
where my love was cruelly tossed

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10 Responses to dreams of sighs

  1. I love this: “the world was full of magic/ and I was not afraid” — I wish we could always dwell there.


  2. Dear Pinky,

    Beautifully tragic.




  3. emmylgant says:

    There are bridges we wish we never crossed, and bridges that close a gap.
    “dreams of sighs” is full of longing and regrets, which you convey well with the contrats of then and now.
    Love the photo of this most romantic bridge ever. The name alone could make one fall into a deep funk!


  4. Gyslaine L. says:

    Un état d’âme que je connais bien. Beau poème mon cher 🙂


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