restless by anelephantcant

restless by anelephantcant

I remember when her eyes were blue
though it seems so long ago
and the colour soon was washed away
when the tears began to flow

I remember when her eyes were black
she was mysterious as the night
but the dark became pervasive
and I craved the morning light

I remember when her eyes were brown
so loving deep and warm
I thought I’d found tranquillity
it was the calm before the storm

I see now that her eyes are green
enchanting as a potion
they fascinate and capture me
she is restless as the ocean

eyes come in many colours
leaf and sky and earth and coal
but I am blind to all of that
I drown enraptured in her soul

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7 Responses to eyes

  1. Enjoyed the poem. Thanks!


  2. Susan Langer says:

    Beautiful poem indeed.:)


  3. Dale says:

    Oh B… I just love this one…
    Such beautiful flow…


  4. emmylgant says:

    I drown enraptured in her soul. ..
    Capsized in the compelling feeling.
    but gasping for breath.
    Ooohh I do like the mood of this one.


  5. Gyslaine L. says:

    Splendide ! Bravo 🙂


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