where do dreams go

where do dreams go by phil burns

where do dreams go by phil burns

there are some questions that are rarely asked
like where do dreams go when we waken
do they stay inside
our heads and hide
or do they float around until fairies take them

what is the point of their concealment
of loitering deep down in the brain
no matter what
we may have thought
we can never start the same dream again

sometimes they linger on the edge
we strive to recapture that last bliss
but nonetheless
sweet hopelessness
is the inevitable result of this

they slip so quietly to the corners
we can almost taste the flavours yet
but softly painful
we can’t catch shadows so we sadly forget

but are they memories or foresight
or just our wishes freshly died
forgotten pleasures
guilty treasures
do any of us still believe in Freud

so where do dreams go when we waken
do they fragment or remain steadfastly whole
do they live on in our eyes
do they reach Paradise
AnElephant believes that they feed on his soul

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8 Responses to where do dreams go

  1. And now my mind has know no rest till it figures out where dreams really go!
    Thank you (and damn you!) for this enlightening read

    It was awfully amazing to interact with you!


    • AnElephant awaits with interest the results of your research.
      He is well accustomed to thanks and fierce curses in equal measure.
      And he is pinker than usual at the pretty lady’s praise.


  2. If they feed on our soul, it’s a good thing it’s inexhaustible.


  3. themomfred says:



  4. emmylgant says:

    Je l’adore toujours celui-ci. Et je le redécouvre, c’est bien.
    Il est beau comme les rêves dont tu parles, ceux qui nous échappent mais dont on se souvient la douceur dans les échos.


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