earthly remains

the Bay of Angels, Nice

the Bay of Angels, Nice

There are those who say they must go home
But there is no need to hurry them
They want to return to their native soil
When the time has come to bury them

They prefer to be where they were born
And not in some foreign place
A primeval urge to go back there
When Death looks them in the face

They consider it important
To determine where they’ll be lying
Under the soil for eternity
It makes them less afraid of dying

Less concerned about their inner soul
And where it lingers in the hereafter
They fret about earthly remains
As if that can possibly matter

No talk here of religion
Or of Hell or Heaven above
Each person makes their own decision
Each chooses hawk or dove

So if we only get one life
Why not think more about how we live
Perhaps pause before we make a choice
Whether to always take or – just sometimes – give

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11 Responses to earthly remains

  1. Incredibly, touchingly, beautiful words which spoke directly to my soul.
    I’m so glad I found you (led to you?) today. ~ Cobs.


  2. Such a beautiful place, with a divine name and the thoughts of the thoughtful.


  3. Dear Elephant,

    Sobering and tender words of wisdom. Well written, well spoken. Thank you.




  4. mandibelle16 says:

    Hey ElephantCant (CE). I very much enjoyed this and it made me think of Bany people I have known. Great Uncles/Aunts/ Grandparents, who have very specific instructions of what to do with them when they die. Especially, I think of my own Mon, who is very much alive, but whenever we attend a relatives funeral, she says, “don’t let them put my corpse on display when I die. I don’t want all the little kid relatives polling at me. So cremate me.” Lol I have to say I agree with with the cremation bit. But back to your lovely poem. I very much like your meaning and how you say “if we only get one life . . . Make a choice . . . To always take” or to ” sometimes -give.” I think you hit on a very port ant point, that we need to help each other out in life and get along. Wonderful poem!


  5. emmylgant says:

    Sometimes the gentleness of AnElephantCan touch my heart like no other.
    Thank you for these wise and loving reflections on
    La baie des anges.


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