I look back

I look back by anelephantcant

I look back by anelephantcant

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when you left you took something I could never get back
a little piece that broke off inside me
I can only remember the good times we had
the cold nights when you lay warm beside me

some people stay with you for all of your life
though you haven’t seen them or spoken in years
some memories still bring a smile to your heart
while others bring darkness and tears

sometimes I look back and ask myself why
what on earth was I thinking back then
sometimes I look back and just shake my head
and hope I’ll never be that crazy again

but it all filters into the people we are
the you and I who once fell in love
so I have no regrets for what ever has passed
I just weep and thank the blue skies above

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8 Responses to I look back

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    Lovely Elephant. Wishing and thinking of what was. Thankful for those happy times. Yet missing it, knowing it can’t be fixed. Hugs


  2. One of the quotes that helped me through a similar experience was by Dr Seuss. “Don’t be sad that it’s over. Be glad that it happened.”


  3. Dear Elephant,

    Once more you’ve touched my heart, my pink friend. Tender, poignant verse to start my Saturday with a tear and a sigh.




  4. Benayoun Michele says:

    Some people never know about love We are lucky peiple !!


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