temptation by anelephantcant

temptation by anelephantcant

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not a single vague thought of unfaithfulness
two people in wedded accord
so what really happened that day long ago
all too simple to say I was bored

a smile on the lips the flash of white teeth
the brown eyes that promised adventure
led quickly astray on a warm summer day
with not enough thought for the future

long shapely legs in an all too short skirt
enough to turn any man’s head
succumbed to temptation or sparked into life
thinking only together in bed

the touch of a tongue between moist parted lips
a hand on a breast soft caressing
no memory now of that last glass of wine
just two people too quickly undressing

the lean muscled frame of the eager young man
the firm curves of a beautiful woman
the delight in the eyes enjoying the sight
the realisation they are both only human

for one afternoon a life was forgotten
for one afternoon it was lost
that one afternoon that changed both our lives
and a husband still counting the cost

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5 Responses to temptation

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    You’re right Elephant. No one is perfect and both men and women can stray. Sorry, you still regret this. But as you say, it’s one afternoon, you are not perfect, and you cannot let the event haunt you forever. If you said you were sorry, did your best to make it right, you have to forgive yourself and even sometimes take, an apology which isn’t truly given to you by your ex, but you deserve. Takes two, even if you made first error.



    • AnElephant finds it interesting, dear Amanda, that you read it at face value.
      It is, in fact, deliberately ambiguous.
      Have a hug while you ponder that!

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      • mandibelle16 says:

        I suppose, it is interesting considering your other piece had my curiosity and mind going in many directions. This one felt that way to me, direct, even if an Elephant didn’t mean it to be. Sometimes, pieces are written ambiguously, but something sticks out in them, call it a shred of truth, or more sometimes. Something that shines through, crystal clear.
        Hugs my friend.


  2. Dear Elephant,

    One afternoon, one lapse in judgment. Beautifully expressed.




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