taurus by anelephantcant

taurus by anelephantcant

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I am strangely moved
I watch them go
My jacket streaked with hunger
I am aware that time has passed
We met before when I was younger

The bread rolls in my pocket
The scribbled note’s remains
I know for sure what I have lost
But not what I have gained

The boy was most articulate
We are a travelling school
She teaches us the three subjects
We have no need for rules

Some things we learn for wisdom
Because they’re good to know
Some things are just necessity
How to run and how to throw

What is the point learning to cut
If you do not have a knife
She teaches us to make such things
To live a balanced life

We learn to read from all these books
That someone wrote for us
She teaches us to write our own
That’s why we call her Taurus

I now pretend indifference
While taken by her charms
She steps unknowing to the night
The baby in her arms

The boy is sore to leave me there
He blinks turns quick away
Her fleeting smile shines from without
Perhaps we’ll meet again one day
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13 Responses to Taurus

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    Lovely piece Elephant. I agree, it is such a whistful piece. It’s nostalgic, a bit sad. She sounds like a wonderful teacher whoever or whatever she was. There’s a Happinness there back in the past and hope “to meet again someday.” CE I think, I like the Elephant’s poems today, better than the flash fiction one with knives. Though, the writing for both as always, is superb. Hugs


  2. Dear Elephant,

    “Jacket streaked with hunger” is an intriguing line. Such a wistfully, well worded poem. It’s always nice to hear the voice behind it.




  3. Dale says:

    This is most lovely indeed!


  4. This is most lovely!


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