without you

empty days by anelephantcant

empty days by anelephantcant

Click here to hear the poem read aloud:
so this is my life without you
a heart stumbling in sad disarray
a mind that once lived to enchant you
now spiralling into wretched decay

so this is my life without you
long nights that are painfully black
a darkness that stretches forever
into the next time that you won’t be back

so this is my life without you
tear-sore eyes with no you to see
a spirit devoid of restriction
wrapped in shackles since you set me free

so this is my life without you
a full year of continuous ache
I long ago abandoned the purpose
my soul dying small flake by small flake

so this is my life without you
crippled arms with no one to embrace
withered fingers bereft of sensation
still they crave to caress your sweet face

so this is my life without you
a succession of empty days
of words and deeds that mean nothing
and poems full of pointless clichés

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9 Responses to without you

  1. If you were as good at love as you are at heartbreak, I can’t imagine anyone leaving you.


  2. Dear Elephant,

    I echo Emmy. Very sad, hollow and empty. Well written.




  3. mandibelle16 says:

    Cliches but sometimes those turn out to be true.


  4. emmylgant says:

    Wretchedly sad. It breaks my heart.
    If only it were as easy as kissing your hand to make the pain go away.
    It’s beautiful though.


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