realise by anelephantcant

realise by anelephantcant

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with eyes and tongue that sparkle
sharp and bright as any knife
I am very quick to realise
I want you
in my life

with laughter on your sweet face
you are all I’ve ever wanted
I happily now realise
my dreams are no longer haunted

the subtlest of caresses
a finger stroking wayward hair
your soft touch makes me realise
I am free from pain and care

but as we grow deeply closer
your gentle words become defensive
I share my soul and realise
you abruptly become offensive

summer flies off on autumn winds
and leaves a heart sore chilled
why do I not realise
my love can’t die it can be killed

with eyes and tongue that sparkle
lethal as any knife
why am I so slow to realise
you are just afraid of life

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12 Responses to realise

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    Elephant another sad one. Your speaker is in love with this person and her ‘tongue and eyes sparkling” as a knife sharp. The more he falls in love and gets too close to her she becomes “defensive.” In the end he realizes she’s “lethal as any knife” and “afraid of living life,” Does he stop loving her I wonder? I think not, she goes on he does not.


    • Yes, Amanda, love can be sadly one-sided sometimes.
      And nothing ever changes, does it?

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      • mandibelle16 says:

        Sometimes It can. But I suppose if someone is used to seeing another person a certain way (like a friend or as no one who gives them a spark or as someone they’re just using) it would take a lot for them see another person differently — even if the other person, is attracted to and loves this other person. Sometimes I think we both now how other really are, but we ignore it.


  2. Al says:

    Excellent and sad poem my friend.


  3. Hello AnElephant. Happy Saturday!
    I really love this poem. There’s an element of fun hiding between the lines. It kind of tickled me somewhere inside and I found myself smiling at it.
    Fabulous, AnElephant!
    Regards and … have a blessed rest of your day my friend. ~ Cobs. x


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