time difference

time difference by anelephantcant

time difference by anelephantcant

Click here to hear a reading of the poem:

at first I think perhaps you’re the right one
but I’m aware I have no point of reference
we seem to have no common culture
we can never overcome the time difference

when you ask me I write you a love song
you tell me you don’t care for the tune
I really try I reach for the sky
but you my love you want the moon

like Tom Bombadil long before you
you dance happily between drops of rain
sadly I can’t evade even tear drops
I drown in my lonely lost pain

at last I awaken and realise
love is no more and no less than a crime
I torture myself and then others
the difference of course is just time

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9 Responses to time difference

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    Elephant I can tell you are so sad (or your speaker is) and miss so much whoever or those whom you loved, but the love is gone. I think it helps you to have your James Bond Villian self for flash fiction, helps get the sad emotions out with all that murder. Dial M for Murder . . .


  2. Anja says:

    I loved reading what flourished from your idea. Beautiful, as always.


  3. Dear Elephant,

    What’s Saturday morning (my time) without tears. As always, you make me want to send you hugs and dry your eyes. Beautifully written my pink pachyderm.




  4. Liked the poem … until the very last line. Then I loved it. Those last few words bring everything together, like taking four corners of a table-cloth and clearing the whole table, full of everything, in one clever movement. Simply lifting the four corners of the table cloth up and off … and …. VOILA.
    Fabulous, Elephant. ~ Cobs.

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    • AnElephant thanks Cobs for her very kind words, and her graphic depiction of how she read it.
      And he apologises for the tardiness of his response, a week disrupted by travel and other issues.


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