boats in pyjamas

boats in pyjamas by anelephantcant

boats in pyjamas by anelephantcant

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boats in pyjamas
prepared for winter sleep
useless as promises
we knew we couldn’t keep

masts in pink petals
dancing in twilit sky
natural and lovely
to my unconsoled eye

trees now undressed
shorn naked unleaved
exposed as the summer lies
we never quite believed

sky in perfection
singular in its blue
stripped of its cloud love
as I’m denuded of you

shadows invisible
in darkness in fear
terrified abandoned
since you disappeared

heart on a jetty
wave-swept angry sea
salt water and salt tears
loneliness only me

masts in pink petals by anelephantcant

masts in pink petals by anelephantcant

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12 Responses to boats in pyjamas

  1. I think the title is great. The metaphor with the title is outstanding.
    I really liked this poem. Thank you for being a master of the word.
    Isadora 😎


  2. mandibelle16 says:

    Elephant your speakers are always so sad, filled with longing of lost love. A constant theme in your poems. As in this looking back to childhood days almost and good memories and then she “abandons” the speaker and is gone. In this one I fear she drowned, but in many of them she has chosen another path. I’m sad for this speaker, I wish he could find peace. Hugs Elephant and have a good week. I hope you’re well 🙂


    • AnElephant is intrigued, Amanda, by your interpretation, and on rereading understands why you might think she drowned.
      This is not his intention, but poetry is as read, and thus your thoughts are valid, even if only as a metaphor.
      And you know that AnElephant never finds peace, but is grateful for your hugs.

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  3. Dear Elephant,

    I know how he feels. Lovely poetry.




  4. Anja says:

    Wow. Just beautiful.


  5. Benayoun Michele says:

    Tu es trop fort !! C’est magnifique !!


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