the saddest thing

lights the sky by anelephantcant

lights the sky by anelephantcant

Click here to hear the poem read aloud:

the saddest thing that you can do
is to wait for her to go
knowing she won’t say goodbye
she has not yet said hello

you know that she will disappear
without a backward glance
she won’t listen to you begging
because you don’t deserve the chance

you are aware that you’re not good enough
that she is someone special
you notice how men look at her
you can’t handle the pressure

why would she want to be with you
when she can do much better
she can dance and sing a rainbow’s tune
if only you will let her

she can skip between the raindrops
her laughter lights the sky
every time you look at her
you ask the question why

the saddest thing that you can do
is to watch your butterfly
drifting off to pastures new
without a last goodbye

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16 Responses to the saddest thing

  1. Dale says:

    Heartbreaking… would that he could find one who will stay for him…


  2. Soemtimes, it’s best to let the butterfly fly. For one can never hold onto someone who isn’t really there at all. A caged bird will certainly forget how to sing. And, the feelings will sadly stop never to be felt again. Words of sadness elevating the reader to the depth of solemnity.
    Isadora 😎


  3. Anja says:

    Beautiful! My favorite line “she can skip between raindrops”. Not sure why but it songs to me like a lovely melody.


  4. mandibelle16 says:

    This made me so sad Elephant, almost cried. I think very much of the phrase if you love someone let them go, if they love you too, they’ll come back to you. But where does that leave you when you know they won’t come back? I have two other thoughts, first of all: though the speaker knows it’s all his fault and he did something terribly wrong, someday he has to forgive himself and know he is forgiven, because he is human and not perfect. One day he must take the apology that she will never give him, if you understand what I mean by that. Secondly, although she is beautiful and fragile with many admirerers, doesn’t make her, perfect and doesn’t make what went wrong not her fault, even if it’s just a little. It takes two they say? Most of all, she cannot stay angry and pretend someone doesn’t exist forever, there’s wrong in being hard hearted and unforgiving. I’d say their sins are pretty equal. But then I don’t know what down?

    Hugs Elephant, cheers to happier days!


  5. C’est triste mon cher 🙂

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  6. One thing AnElephantCAN do is make this reader cry. Sorrowfully well done.




  7. That really is the saddest thing. I have loved and lost but glad to have at least tried.


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