the cormorant

the cormorant by anelephantcant

the cormorant by anelephantcant

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the cormorant

the cormorant skims across the bay
black-tipped wings tease white-topped waves
he swoops and swerves to demonstrate
the joyous freedom my heart craves

then just above the great sea wall
I watch him frolic with his mate
low and fast they twist and turn
side by side they celebrate

he dives beneath the port’s black depths
with scarce a ripple on the surface
he spreads his feathers for the breeze
to render them as dry as your kiss

he is poised beside the jetty’s edge
warming himself in Nature’s way
at peace with where he knows he fits
so much more than I can say

I see him struggling on the rocks
trapped in a broken fishing line
he wriggles clear of his torment
I am still enmeshed in mine

the cormorant flees the setting sun
black-tipped wings tease white-topped waves
for him morning will come again
bright as the freedom my heart craves

the cormorant by anelephantcant

the cormorant by anelephantcant

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9 Responses to the cormorant

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    Really lovely piece. I looked at this bird, thought he looked dragon like. But I very much like how your speaker personified himself (the self he wished to be) through this bird. Your descriptions are gorgeous and the freedom the bird and his mate share is striking against the speakers love’s “dry kiss” and his wish to be so free as this bird who the “morning comes for.” But the speaker seems to feel he is left in the dark. Kind of haunting in the end. More hugs!


  2. Dear Elephant,

    I echo Dale’s sentiment Beautiful verse as always…and as always poignant, longing and sad.




  3. Dale says:

    That was beautiful… may the author take note of the cormorant’s way…and find his own

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  4. Anja says:

    I enjoyed your nature inspired piece. Lovely, as always. I do love your poetry.


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