the wall

the old fountain by anelephantcant

the old fountain by anelephantcant

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I gaze into the wintry sky
where the gulls circle the moon
I write the words for heartache songs
but there’s no melody to the broken tune

the old fountain still has beauty
though the water has run dry
it seems like a sad metaphor
for the precious tears I can no longer cry

against the wall where once we kissed
is the shadow of a tree
it dims and fades with passing clouds
it’s still more substantial than your love for me

there is yet no trace of blossom
the slim branches look forlorn
I pray springtime will be here soon
with one last small hope that I can be reborn

the wall by anelephantcant

the wall by anelephantcant


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4 Responses to the wall

  1. Dale says:

    Always have hope…


  2. Dear Elephant,

    AnElepantCan make my heart ache with his verses. The last line is particularly wrenching.

    Hugs and shalom,



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