I wrote a poem

just like this by anelephantcant

Click here to hear the poem read aloud:

I wrote a poem

I read a poem yesterday
it nearly broke my heart
it spoke of lovers loved and lost
they lived too far apart

I read a poem yesterday
it said she won’t live forever
she makes the world a better place
please don’t let me outlive her

I read a poem yesterday
it made me think of you
when the colour of my world was gold
before you turned it sad soft blue

I read a poem yesterday
it told me what I’ve got to give
all the splintered thoughts I’ve yet to think
and those dead years I’ve yet to live

I wrote a poem yesterday
it tells of our first kiss
and the wondrous time we spent together
and how it ended just like this

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9 Responses to I wrote a poem

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    Lovely and Romantic 🙂


  2. julespaige says:

    Just visiting on a whim…reminds us, this piece does to give what we have – share it as best we can for as long as we can. You are one romantic Ellyphant. 😉 Hugs to you.
    I finally posted to my own photo from last week at Al’s place:
    Juxtaposition Jetty


  3. Un très beau poème très cher.
    Bisous 🙂


  4. emmylgant says:

    …it told me what I’ve got to give…
    Something to hang on to on ‘a sad soft blue day.’
    Soulful poem
    Or maybe it’s just the weather?


  5. Anja says:

    Awww a poetic Anelephant day. Send you lots of hugs to my favorite pachyderm.


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