Hallowe’en by Phil Burns

Click here to hear the poet read his words:


Hallowe’en is a night full of magic
when candles in turnips shine bright in the dark
nervous folk fear spirits will venture forth
but the ghosts are only real in my heart

Hallowe’en is a night full of laughter
children dress up and go out in disguise
they find chocolate and old-fashioned pastimes
and the ghosts are only seen by my eyes

Hallowe’en is a night full of mystery
witches ride broomsticks and slide down moonbeams
warlocks conspire to make mischief
but the ghosts only live in my dreams

Hallowe’en is a night of festivity
of parties and dancing and games and great fun
when the oldest and youngest all celebrate
but the ghosts are still here though you are long gone

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2 Responses to Hallowe’en

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    Elephant, Memmories always seem to haunt the speakersven in times that are fun and enjoyable because in the past he had her, but now she is gone, Do they celebrate Halloween where you live in someway.? We used to put our costumes over our snow suits and go to as many houses as possible. In the house I mostly grew up in we could have 80 kids plus. But now we are lucky to get past ten, they all go to the malls here, from store to store. Last year we had 4 kids and this year 13 and the whether wasn’t even too bad for October 31.

    Cheers, hugs, and hope you got some candy too 🙂


    • Yes, in Scotland it is an ancient Celtic tradition dating back to pre-Christian times. Much more recently Robert Burns wrote a poem entitled Halloween in 1785.
      Generally here in France it is a very recent celebration, dating back only 25 – 30 years, except in Brittany where they are also Celts.
      And yes, Amanda, memories haunt some of us much more than ghosts ever can.

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