evening by anelephantcant

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the words I write at eventide
are different from early morning
as darkness falls I search for peace
pre-dawn I send a warning

at dusk my lines come fully formed
reflect my mood now gently pensive
but while sleep lingers in my eyes
the care required is intensive

for when I first rise from my bed
clothed yet in dreams of violence
prepared to battle for my cause
my voice destroys the silence

the hours amble to afternoon
my temper much more mellow
the danger signs no longer red
now more a golden yellow

my muse delivers new ideas
with each passing flake of time
I create with contented heart
my verses now scan and rhyme

but then I see the moon’s dark face
it entwines my mind in gloom
I writhe in pain and bleak grey words
record my certain doom

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10 Responses to poetry

  1. Leaves me with the lingering thought that we all face a certain doom. Very Scots. I like the sound of your voice, reading the words.


    • Hi Brenda, how lovely to see you here again, we seem to have lost the habit of visiting each other. Glad you enjoyed the reading, the voice and the accent are just who I am!
      And yes, the doom seems inevitable, I agree.

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      • I think it isn’t the doom that matters, but the way we dance before dark descends. I am prepared to dance to the end. 🙂 So say I, poet of magic. LOL I saw you’d been by, so I swung by. I generally visit people who regularly visit me and leave comments. That’s all I have time for most days. I have about 10 minutes before I have to leave with my daughter.


  2. Thank you again…you even got me to write one this week.


  3. Magnifique Brian bisous 🙂


  4. bonniehofkin says:

    In praise of ‘golden yellow ‘ but I’m curious what the time was and color of the sky was when you wrote this……


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