the rusty anchor

the rusty anchor by anelephantcant

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the rusty anchor

the sands of time are shifting
silent songbirds swiftly fly
the hills slip soft behind the mist
wretched clouds begin to cry

seaweed strewn along the shoreline
waits for the tide to be washed away
blue jellyfish are stranded too
but perhaps they can live one more day

I view the plains from the mountain top
I study the head of a pin
then I find I am going blind
when I stare at what lies within

at the end of the pier rests an anchor
ancient and huge and rusted
a relic of an era that is sadly long gone
when I believed that your word could be trusted

the buoys stretch on lines across the bay
a plane circles slow overhead
a grey ship sits a mile offshore
as I reflect on what you once said

for your words change how I see life
force my heart to pause and harden
no longer an innocent butterfly
in an invisible ultraviolet garden

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1 Response to the rusty anchor

  1. As usual, enjoyed listening to you read your work.


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