wind-enchanted ocean by anelephantcant

Click here to hear the poet read his words:


a fleeting smile a tender touch
small deeds that make your breath stop
the tiny things that start a flow
like a perfect fragile raindrop

eyes that sparkle full of joy
a heart that never stumbles
a truth that never deviates
like the waterfall straight tumbles

the strength and trust of your pure soul
the certainty inside
brings me sweet tranquility
like the river deep and wide

you bring this peace to my dark world
with no possible mistake
clothed in the poet’s white samite
like the fog-enshrouded lake

but change happens imperceptibly
you now show more emotion
restless growing turbulent
like the wind-enchanted ocean

love often comes and always goes
sometimes it briefly lingers
your faithless love slipped soft away
like water trickling through numb fingers

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