imagine by anelephantcant

Click here to hear the poet read his words:


the view from the aeroplane window
shows men naked and chained on the floor
they are covered in grime
as the plane banks and climbs
we are not allowed to view any more

the azure seas the golden sands
are fading far below
in our mind’s eye we see the place
we know each one must go

but we sit by indifferent
while the killing still goes on
is not each of these tortured souls
a grieving mother’s son

beside you they’re chatting laughing
gulping canapés with wine
you gaze back through the misting glass
see the sky is softly crying

the island grows yet smaller
but the memories remain
you despise yourself for being one
with the scum inside the plane

our country is still our country
but is it always right
to do the things that must be done
is it still a rightful fight

imagine there’s no country
the poet wisely said
imagine one step further
imagine there’s no dead

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1 Response to imagine

  1. Chills when you finished reading your most insightful poem. I enjoy reading your poems but the meanings are higher when they are read. You never disappoint Mr. Elephant. Thank you for sharing your brilliance.
    Isadora 😎


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