let go

let go by Phil Burns

Click here to hear the poet read his verse:

let go

the pain is when you love someone
and she loves you too you know
there’s still a spark deep in both hearts
yet you have to let it go

sometimes this life is just too hard
you wonder if you’ll ever grow
or hang on forever to the hurt
when you have to let it go

you think that you’ve moved on at last
you think you’re free although
the chain is still around your soul
and you have to let it go

you travel far you try to hide
you pretend it doesn’t show
but inside you’re still breaking up
you can’t ever let her go

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8 Responses to let go

  1. Been there, done that. I have finally moved on and, with the exception of Jessica Alba (sigh), I have let all people go and just look when I can, hoping, but not yearning.

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  2. willow88switches says:

    the words – spoken so softly – adds such a soulful level to this – and upon my first reading, I immediately had Robert Frost in my head –
    yes, yes, accept the compliment, even if it makes you squirm!

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  3. emmylgant says:

    There are scars that weep
    and scars that run
    We heal the affliction
    with some attention
    but the old scar itches
    when we pass a mirror.

    There is a soft lament to hum as fog floats and rain falls in these very moving lines.
    Every soul feels the chains on its journey,
    Lets find the music that soothes.

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