under the bridge

(the moon) under the bridge

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under the bridge

the sunlight dances in the stream
like your sparkling eyes that so bewitch
the springtime sky is golden blue
and the shy moon hides under the bridge

the trees are slowly turning green
the hills of Provence loom on high
near-barren rocks wear thorny gorse
bringing bitter tears to lovelorn eye

for memories are all that’s left
as biting as a hawk’s shrill cry
it looks down on unwary prey
choosing the heart that is next to die

the dark clouds cover heaven’s light
the thunder screams at fever pitch
and your sweet love flows swift away
like tear-strewn water under the bridge

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5 Responses to under the bridge

  1. Corine Gouy says:

    Laissons l’eau qui coule sous les ponts , emporté nos amours défunts!


  2. emmylgant says:

    “shy moon hides under the bridge” lovely image there.
    I caught the train at Heartbreak junction once more and wept all the way home.
    Well done.


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