night birds

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night birds

east winds blow from frosted Alps
ransack the barren sands
spume driven from ignoble waves
futile as empty hands

breakers crash on broken steps
rocks and pebbles rumble down
tears crash onto broken hearts
wash the laughter from the clown

Orion watches full moon’s light
harass the coming day
across the cliff top’s broken stones
rain drains dried love away

trickles echo through the pipes
like a thousand voices talking
draughts creak through splintered window frames
like a thousand night birds squawking

love’s warmth is only transient
like the Scottish summer sun
it all too quickly fades and cools
unhappy winter bleakly comes

one stone sends ripples outward
as a smile enchants a soul
the next splash causes conflict
two halves didn’t make a whole

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2 Responses to night birds

  1. niasunset says:

    Beautiful, and also so nice to hear/listen, especially for me, sometimes it’s been difficult to pronounce some words, you know English language is my second one and I love this language. As always beautiful poem. Thank you, I am glad to hear you again, Love, nia


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