the past

nightmares new by anelephantcant

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the past

in my sleep I take a bus trip
to a town on the Ayrshire coast
I remember going to school there
I am still haunted by those ghosts

it no longer looks the same of course
in a dream things rarely do
the things I recall are subtly changed
and replaced with nightmares new

I wander down Ayr Sandgate
to the mouth of Limond’s Wynd
I pause before I enter
afraid of what I might find

the locale is changed abruptly
no time for a second glance
this park in Glasgow’s South Side
this view the South of France

now I am in confusion
there is someone I must meet
but how can that be possible
when I can’t find the street

once again I see my old friend
who laughs and flaunts his wealth
he thinks it is the whole world’s fault
but I only blame myself

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2 Responses to the past

  1. Corine Gouy says:

    Oublie les fantômes du passé ..
    Créé toi de nouveaux souvenirs !


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