not always

not always by anelephantcant

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not always

I promise you I will love you forever
you know I’m a man who means what he says
so I want to make something quite clear now
I promise you I will not love you always

from this moment until the end of my time
you are the only one I will hold in my heart
so when I say I won’t love you always
I mean I know we will spend time apart

I told you before I would look after you
and we have been to some wondrous strange places
I take care of you the best that I can
since that day when I bought those wondrous boot laces

the point that I am trying to make here
is that I have no desire to crowd you or your space
the butterfly and the mermaid can exist happily
as long as you have a smile on your beautiful face

I want you to be whoever you want to be
to go wherever your sweet heart wants to take you
free to be happy to love to create
knowing I am here and I will never forsake you

so this is the truth of the matter
I will love you but just not always
I will be here or there when you want me to be
and I will love you till the end of my days

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5 Responses to not always

  1. I find that one very sad as he has chosen to never find any other love should she simply leave and go on with her life. I have been like that and it has never worked.
    Just an opinion.


  2. Corine Gouy says:

    Il l’aime !
    Partage t-elle sa vision de l’amour ?


  3. J’adore ce poème il est magnifique


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