raven flying

water flowing by anelephantcant

Click here to hear the poet read his words:

raven flying

she is a gentle force of nature
like a west wind softly blowing
a scent of joy as light as air
raven flying water flowing

she has a beauty wild as heather
a heart as true as tall pine growing
when she blooms she makes my heart sing
raven flying water flowing

she is Venus shining brightly
the moon through gossamer showing
a heartbreak sunset o’er the Med
raven flying water flowing

she is fragrant as a butterfly
on gold mimosa glowing
a rose so sweet by any name
raven flying water flowing

she is all colours of the rainbow
to promise rainfall soon is slowing
each tiny drop reflects her soul
raven flying water flowing

she understands the universe
like Cassandra all things knowing
so all too soon she tires of me
water drying raven going


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7 Responses to raven flying

  1. bonniehofkin says:

    Lovely poem. You’re able to find poetic shards of inspiration in many things.  Lucky.  Ive always loved these birds.  This was a friend I made on the trail to the bottom of the Grand Canyon last month.    I hope you are well Bri.   Bon


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    • Always a delight to see you here, Bon, glad you enjoyed the poem.
      Ravens are, I understand, powerful medicine among those cultures who are closer to nature than modern man, so I can see your affinity to these beautiful creatures..


  2. Sounds like you need to learn more of the universe!


  3. Très beau Brian ! Bisous 🙂


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