do flies go to heaven

cockroach in heaven

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do flies go to heaven

I wonder if flies go to heaven
and is it the same one as ours
clearly butterflies must
to sprinkle magic dust
otherwise who pollinates all heaven’s flowers

I wonder if cockroaches go to heaven
do they scurry around at high speed
do they come out at night
to give people a fright
do they satisfy some celestial need

I wonder if frogs go to heaven
can they croak as loud as they like there
do a million tadpoles
achieve individual goals
or do they still get eaten by pike there

I wonder if rats go to heaven
are they still an affront to the eyes
do they scurry around
in whatever rubbish is found
or does everything sparkle in their paradise

I wonder if bigots go to heaven
and how happily they fill their days there
hating Blacks and Chinese
and folk who pray on their knees
thinking that they should not be in the same place there

I wonder if we all go to heaven
and if so then what is it worth
do we stay unfulfilled
until we reach this next world
the poet prefers to live his life while he is on earth

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5 Responses to do flies go to heaven

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    This one is thought provoking. Gagged at that picture. Wondered at the stanzas until the metaphor/comparison in the 2nd last stanza. The 3rd stanza is quite different. Maybe that is dependant on ones view? One sure of Heaven would say a sin is a sin is a sin and to God, not on earth, all sins are equal, and I would think that even many bigots are capable of change. And that perhaps, we’ve all committed this sin one time or another, knowingly or nott?

    If this is the case, then perhaps, sin for anyone makes them no better then these bugs? But then, we are created in God’s image, God is/was/will always be perfect. We were created that way (in my opinion), but we also had freewill, so in having this and choosing wrong way back in Eden, we are all equally sinners. Capable and full of evil w/o Jesus, God’s forgiveness.

    We don’t know about bugs or any sort of foul creature, and knowing if or, if not, we will go to Heaven is unclear for some of us. But also, I think forgiveness is assured for those who believe in God, forgiveness of imperfection & every slimy sin or bug within us (or that we act like). Perhaps, we can feel more assured that a perfection we know not will be restored in Heaven? And though we love the here & now, the after is a perfect unimaginable — a writer’s paradise? Those are just my thoughts. Hugs again Pinky.


  2. Great effort. I like the last verse because it fits my belief that we all do, indeed, go to heaven. I don’t believe in judgment, nor sin, nor evil. These are terms we use for what we don’t understand as good.
    Read Anita Moorjahni (sp) “Dying to Be Me”.


  3. Corine Gouy says:

    Et les chats vont ils au paradis ?
    Je l’espère pour moi !
    Et les moustiques vont ils au paradis ? Je ne l’espère pas pour le Poète !


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