i can write

lovers and tides by anelephantcant

Click here to hear the poet read his words:

I can write

I can write a poem
to describe the starlit skies
and to tell you how the moon affects
the lovers and the tides

I can write a love song
to describe a summer day
full of bright-hued flowers and butterflies
and parks where children play

I can write a story
to describe a sweet romance
how we first kissed beneath a lamppost
and walked on golden sands

I can write a story
to describe how we found love
but comedy turns to tragedy
and my words are not enough

I can write a love song
to describe your smiling eyes
and how your hair blows wild in western winds
you think all my words are lies

I can write a poem
to describe in rhyming verse
how you make me feel when you are near
but you never read my words

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9 Responses to i can write

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    She seems to be a bit blind to his love and affection. All he feels and the beauty he experiences with her and through her. He can be most honest in his poems, but perhaps he needs to tell her his truth in a way she would understand it. Not everyone understands poetry. On the other hand, she could be leading him on, maybe was for a very long time and wasn’t purposely understanding his words. They may have well been clear, but she chose not to read them. It’s a conundrum. More hugs,


  2. Well done! Glad you are one who “can write a poem”.


  3. Corine Gouy says:

    J’aime quand tes mots se transforment en un magnifique poème !
    J’aime encore plus quand tu les dis avec ton charmant accent !


  4. Si moi je lis tes mots ! Très beau poème Brian, j’adore ! Bisous 🙂


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