lovers by anelephantcant

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some lovers we barely remember
some lovers we never forget
some lovers we knew only fleetingly
some lovers we have not yet met

we fall in love so easily
with a face or a smile or a voice
the first sight or sound entrances us
we no longer have a choice

love is filled with endless clichés
the way she walks the way she talks
but it all comes down to this one thing
when she’s there our world just rocks

we forget a name from six months ago
remember eyes unseen for twenty years
and one we held for a few short weeks
we love still through the happiest tears

we live in hope of a last great love
the one who makes this life worthwhile
but perhaps she’s back in our native land
while we live in blissful exile

I will finish by telling the truth now
to the lover I’ll never forget
you know who you are, my angel
I miss you always without any regret

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