colour of the sea

colour of the sea by anelephantcant

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colour of the sea

the colour of the sea is summertime
as blue as the bluest of skies
reflecting the perfection of the heavens above
where the tiniest cloud is a smiling surprise

the colour of the sea is magic
that special mix of turquoise and green
sparkling with life like a Mermaid’s eyes
reflecting the underwater wonders she has seen

the colour of the sea is starlight
gleaming like Mercury’s molten wings
the twinkling tranquillity of a soft autumn moon
the reason an angel’s heart sings

the colour of the sea is angry
gunmetal and restless and moody
I watch it fret from the end of the pier
thinking perhaps I have wrongly intruded

the colour of the sea is lonely
rumbling and crashing and black
the white flakes of spume that fly from the waves
tell me you will never come back

the colour of the sea is empty
like the night that can never be day
bleak and flat and eternally hopeless
like my life since you went away

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3 Responses to colour of the sea

  1. Corine Gouy says:

    Cela pourrait être les couleurs des états d’âme d’une femme !
    J’aime ! 💌


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