no today

springtime flowers by anelephantcant

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no today

isn’t it strange
how things can change
in just a single moment
one instant here
then disappear
as if we all are snowmen

can it be true
that when we two
first met and fell in love
each moonlit night
your smile so bright
dimmed even the stars above

we’d spend each day
in love and play
blooming like springtime flowers
under dark sky
we’d kiss goodbye
wishing we had more hours

but then somehow
‘tween then and now
we forgot the words to say
the saddest rhyme
in that short time
yesterday is no today

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4 Responses to no today

  1. Benayoun Michele says:

    Beau et triste…comme d’habitude !


  2. Magnifique poème Brian ! j’adore 🙂


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