a year

a year by anelephantcant

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a year

a year
has slipped past
since last
I saw your face
a year
of good times
and bad
a year
when I cherished
a few moments
of joy
and endured
many months
deeply sad

a year
when you smiled
and held
my hand warm
but only
in my desperate dreams
a year
when the darkness
grew blacker
each night
the sun slept
and there were
too few
moon beams

a year
when I witness
my life
running slow
a year
that says
I am growing old
a year
when the rain
is less wet
than my tears
a year
that ends
with my heart
and cold

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6 Responses to a year

  1. Gouy Corine says:

    Non ! Un coeur chaud et plein d’amour. ❤
    Et ce n’est pas un conte de fées.


  2. colonialist says:

    Still definitely not a happy chappie.


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