beautiful blonde

beautiful blonde by anelephantcant

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beautiful blonde

do you believe in love at first sight
I ask the beautiful blonde
immediately regret my badly timed words
quite unsure of how she might respond

she gazes at me with no hint of surprise
as each syllable hangs in the soft Scottish air
they float like strange clouds in a blue summer sky
I feel that my soul is laid bare

she smiles back with a gleam in her cool green eyes
she answers with no hesitation
perhaps you can explain your thinking dear sir
is it a question or a sweet invitation

some questions are fancifully whimsical
while others seek true information
this one escapes out a window of my mind
she opens with delicious imagination

she sees pain in my eyes like translucent Scotch Mist
like lines from a long forgotten song
and now she withdraws to a far better place
to which I know I can never belong

do you believe in love at first sight
I ask the beautiful blonde
I knew you would ask me is her gentle reply
but we both know I have passed far beyond

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6 Responses to beautiful blonde

  1. I simply was referring to telling a woman how beautiful she was right then and not missing such an opportunity. I missed one last night as this very attractive young woman asked me a question in the grocery store. I truly believe she might have responded well to that approach.


  2. Gouy Corine says:

    J’ai Googleliser ton poème, j’aime tes questions fantaisiquement fantasques !


  3. Truly loved this one! Thanks…it hit home as I have often thought about doing this irl.


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