number 46 by anelephantcant

Click here to hear the poet read his words:


warm summer days mean naught to me
I don’t care for golden sunbeams
I prefer to dwell in moonlight
and to spend my life in dreams

I recall those nights from times long gone
seconds crawled and hours ran
I remember you were woman
and for fleeting moments I was man

so many fragments in my mind
they never cease I can’t begin
yet still I see the traces left
by your fingers on my skin

those days in number 46
when we struggled free from strife
enough to eat enough to love
the best days of my life

but all the joy you gave to me
I dragged blind through each bleak mile
and never more was I to see
your truth your soft vague smile

they strangely disappeared one day
near the brow of Briar Hill
a moment wide a moment bright
a decade of dark cruel chill

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6 Responses to dreamer

  1. ToxickToe says:

    Dark and impressive. I love AnElephant’s writings


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