the sky

blue Scottish sky by anelephantcant

Click here to hear the poet read his words:

the sky

the poet loves to contemplate the sky
though most folk say it is over my head
I like to savour each drop as I gaze lazily up
unless of course I’m at home in my bed

le ciel over la Med is quite dreamlike
with the occasional wisp of a cloud way up there
floating gently as high as an elephant’s eye
or a balloon with no string and no care

in Scotland the sky is much darker
covered in low-hanging menacing cloud
the promise of snow brings some joy and some woe
and the future may be thunderously loud

darkness delivers an alternative vista
diamonds sparkling in silver moonlight
your scribe’s eyes keenly scan it seeking out the Red Planet
once again admiring Vincent’s Starry Night

but the blue Scottish sky in the springtime
has a gentle tranquillity all of its own
this old heart reminisces of childhood summers it misses
when days were long and the sun always shone

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4 Responses to the sky

  1. Gouy Corine says:

    J’aime tes vues du ciel, surtout celui-ci remplit de promesses de neige . Seul un poète peut me faire voyager avec des mots


  2. Jackie Lowe says:

    I loved the rhythm of your poem.. almost childlike, made me picture the sky with a light heart. Thank you 🙂


    • Thank you, Jackie, this is an unusually frivolous piece for me.
      It is perhaps worth noting that it was posted after a short visit home to Scotland, which of course generates feelings of nostalgia.


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