edinburgh by anelephantcant

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my friend ate crab and fresh baguette
she smiled in pleasure through the tears
I was surprised to see her there
she had been dead for many years

we had last met in the Grassmarket
she preferred to drive a van then
the MGB GT was quickly sold
I recalled she was a man then

the carpet was worn and multi-hued
it had been changed while I was eating
the old one showed beneath the edge
I knew then that I was beaten

when I asked her what the specials were
the waitress laughed and shrugged
she raised her palms and wandered off
I thought she might be drugged

my brother came but could not help
I thought he could put a mat down
somehow he knew I had no choice
it was time to move from that town

of the six who sat for dinner there
each one had many lovers
I felt that I was out of place
I had slept with all the others

I thought about unfaithfulness
whether she had been untrue
she confessed that they had been entwined
for just an hour or two

my crime had been indifference
her nakedness was subverting
she was not ready to forgive
the future bleak and grey and certain

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