writer’s cramp

masts sway by anelephantcant

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writer’s cramp

the romance is all I dreamed of
two lives entwined together
it seems that I am what you want
and I’ll love you forever

through golden days and silver nights
such wondrous moments shared
as hand in hand we laughed and danced
I thought you truly cared

the masts sway in the sunset
I hear the creaking of the ropes
the sky is painted crimson
brighter than my fading hopes

the Med has lost her magic
in the trees the birds don’t sing
autumn has departed
there will never be a spring

the icy winds are blowing
I have no reason to rejoice
the silence now is deafening
I yearn to hear your voice

my heart is gripped with frostbite
I grimly endure winter
the chill sets in so merciless
my insides slowly splinter

and then I find the reason
why my eyes are sore and damp
a long-forgotten summer day
when I suffered writer’s cramp

you give the simple explanation
the truth I could not see
the good times do not matter
if they must be shared with me

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