Scotland Blues

The Saltire, or St Andrew’s Cross by anelephantcant

November 30th is St Andrew’s Day, Scotland’s official national day.
Click here to hear the poet read these words to his homeland (with apologies for the ongoing problem with his voice):

Leaving Scotland Blues

Across the loch into the glen
Settling low on hillside heather
The morning mists moisten his eyes
Brush his heart like snow white feather
This love he knows
Will never go
Leaving Scotland forever

Across one more majestic bridge
Into the sleeping city centre
Soft drizzle falls like angels’ tears
A fitting start to this adventure
This doubt he knows
Will never go
Leaving Scotland forever

And she looks from a window there
With no more words to say
She too breaks slowly from within
As she sadly turns away

The lowlands pass beneath him now
The rolling hills abandoned
The verdant slopes are dull and grey
With sorrow and with chagrin
This ache he knows
Will never go
Leaving Scotland forever

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5 Responses to Scotland Blues

  1. Corine Gouy says:

    Magnifique ce poème!


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