she loves the poet

she dances by phil burns

Click here to hear the poet read his words:

she loves the poet

she loves the gentle poet
with his clever lines of verse
she adores his rhymes and rhythms
his seductive use of words

she loves how he paints pictures
to transport her laughing soul
she is quite thrilled by his talent
knows she’s losing all control

she loves the way his thoughts flow
like a sparkling Highland stream
she dances to the music
that invades her every dream

she loves how he sculpts sorrow
that drives the sadness from her heart
her mind softly enchanted
fascinated by his art

she loves that he makes magic
that brings laughter to her eyes
she sees unicorns and mermaids
romping high in heaven’s skies

she loves the vision of his writing
and the thoughts it stimulates
the subtle sensual images
that his silken pen creates

she loves the gentle poet
as only such a woman can
but life is never perfect
she sadly doesn’t love the man

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4 Responses to she loves the poet

  1. Gouy corine says:

    Tu prends des mots, tu les mélanges et tu les transforme en un magnifique poème. Merci Monsieur❣


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