even if

pink elephants fly by anelephantcant

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even if

you know how I feel about you
it is no secret and you understand why
there is only one thing I ask in return
say you love me even if it’s a lie

my world exploded in ten million heart flakes
the sublime moment when I first saw you
I long for only one thing to make my life complete
say you love me even if it’s not true

we watch butterflies dancing in moonlight
while mermaids caress the star-bright night sky
my dreams sparkle perfection except for one tiny lack
say you love me even if it’s a lie

as unicorns frolic in high scented meadows
we chase white rabbits across a field of spring blue
and summer lasts forever in the land where we kiss
say you love me even if it’s not true

for this is a place where magic abounds
pink elephants write poetry and fly
truth is far less important than fantasy here
say you love me even if it’s a lie

I see rainbows black sprinkled with heartache
deep in the shadows there lies darkness still
it now seems that Aurora can not come again
please just once say you love me even if we both know you never will

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2 Responses to even if

  1. I tell you the truth, after the first stanza, I didn’t think I would like this one at all. I so don’t believe in lying, especially about love. But, by the end of the work, I thought “wow, this one got to me.” Not sure exactly why or when, but it did. Great work.


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