nothing is certain

through the glass by anelephantcant

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nothing is certain

what do you see when you look through the glass
asks the patiently urgent schoolmaster
trees and the sky and the clouds floating by
but one boy has a different answer

birds to be caught and moose to be shot
all manner of beasts to be hunted
that can’t be right they are out of our sight
he shrugs as his money is counted

time to open the books and get learning instead
this hobby is getting expensive
it costs five dollars a head to make something dead
the studying must now be intensive

why do you ask questions that have no answer
why do you answer me then with another
the children beseech him to continue teaching
but he climbs upwards to where he must suffer

so parents are called and stories are told
it seems that nobody is happy to lose him
but he is high in the hills forgetting their ills
and his mind is still wreathed in confusion

will they see him again will he ever return
yes of course is the official assertion
but as he wanders through life avoiding all strife
the only sure thing is nothing is certain

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