silent voice

silence by anelephantcant

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silent voice

the view is very different since
my world turned upside down
when once I was the leading man
I am now the tear-stained clown

I think I can write the perfect script
but each time I find the wrong word
you read the scene and leave the stage
sad as a silent song bird

I never know quite what to say
though thoughts tumble from my tongue
the lines are etched around my eyes
but only last week I was young

my mind drifts off into the clouds
I cannot concentrate
I am aware for years to come
I will endure the longest wait

because my love I’ll wait for you
I do not have a choice
the only sound that I can hear
is the silence of your voice

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2 Responses to silent voice

  1. Natasha says:

    I love how your writing always flows seamlessly, C.E.


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