moment of life

high on a hill by anelephantcant

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a moment of life

there is a moment of life to remember
when we view the Danube in full flow
or sail once again into Venice
or see the Alps’ needled peaks draped in snow

perhaps it’s just another clear morning
when we gaze at the murmuring sea
and sense far off lands on soft breezes
and feel contentment in just being free

we see golden dawns and red sunsets
we walk hand in hand on the beach
our hearts find a new optimism
can happiness be at last in our reach

high on a hill stands a castle
invisible to my tear-filled eyes
until you point it out from over the bay
and I know there’s no need for more lies

red flowers seduce casual butterflies
cicadas play rhythm in the trees
your eyes find mine with no wrinkles
and my heart is unlocked with no keys

and then there’s that instant of clarity
as sharp as a brown-handled knife
and I realise you’re all that matters
and that this is a moment of life

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