the lachrymose nephophile

clouds by anelephantcant

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the lachrymose nephophile

a cloud floats wispy high and white
pure in a clea
r blue sky
a sky too blue to shed a tear
a sky that can never cry

the cloud now sees another there
pure in a clear blue sky
they smile and drift and join each other
in a sky that still can’t cry

and now the cloud becomes a shape
less pure in a less blue sky
more clouds start merging soft together
in a sky that is yet to cry

the clouds are thick and full and low
dark in a grey blue sky
the light almost hidden behind the veil
of a sky preparing to cry

now clouds are all that can be seen
no blue in a grey black sky
no sunlight in a broken world
as the sky begins to cry

a cloud floats wispy high and white
pure in a clear blue sky
the storm passes over clea
nsing the air
in time the tears will dry

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3 Responses to the lachrymose nephophile

  1. Penny L Howe says:

    Wonderfully, poetically beautiful, B. ♡


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