l’oiseau et la lune

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l’oiseau et la lune

a bird on a wire
grows restless very soon
stretches wings and feathers
dreams of flying to the moon

turns towards the heavens
believes his indestructibility
strives towards dark rain clouds
unaware of the futility

climbing ever higher
harbouring no fear
struggling for a breath now
in the lack of atmosphere

an angel sees his effort
takes pity on his plight
breathes a puff of oxygen
helps his courageous flight

she thrills to see his bravery
can’t estimate his worth
refuses to let him perish
returns him safe to earth

a bird is now disconsolate
knowing he can go no higher
an angel sets his heart at peace
hangs the moon beneath his wire

* * *

Please note that due to the changes recently enforced upon us by WordPress I plan to phase out this blog.
All my writing will appear on https://ceayr.com/ where I have already transferred the bulk of my posts from the past 8+ years.
I will post a weekly link to this new site for the foreseeable future.
Thank you for your support, I hope you will continue to visit.

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2 Responses to l’oiseau et la lune

  1. Great poem! It was even better when you read it than just my reading it…
    I’m curious what changes are recently enforced upon us by WordPress… I guess I’ve got some researching to do!


    • Glad you enjoyed the poem and the reading, Michele, it is always good to hear that someone appreciates the audio.
      Despite many and vociferous protests, WP recently discontinued the ‘Classic’ Editor which I’ve been using since I started here back in 2012.
      I decided I only need one blog, and my fiction writing takes precedence over my poetry.
      I am delighted to see you are now following Sound Bite Fiction.

      Liked by 1 person

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