fall from grace

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fall from grace

when I was so much younger
I was mean and wild and cruel
I rejected all authority
stomped on every petty rule

my body was a canvas
my hair a work of art
designed to be offensive
showing that I stood apart

so when Satan called me to him
I spat right in his face
I have no time for failure
I reject his fall from grace

now as I’m growing older
I’m a man without a home
no cares no love no sentiment
I am evil all alone

but I’ve transgressed for the last time
I’m chained in this too holy place
I watch them build the gallows
for my final fall from grace

Please note that due to the changes recently enforced upon us by WordPress I plan to phase out this blog.
All my writing will appear on https://ceayr.com/ where I have already transferred the bulk of my posts from the past 8+ years.
I will post a weekly link to this new site for the foreseeable future.
Thank you for your support, I hope you will continue to visit.

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