and then

artwork by phil burns

and then

sometimes you drive me crazy
I start to think that maybe I’ll
be better off without you
I wonder is this all worthwhile

it isn’t easy getting close
when we have long lived single lives
especially when you and I
have tongues like cold sharp knives

we know just how to damage
with words fine laced like dirt
we probe to find the weak point
we know exactly how to hurt

and we have both grown selfish
unaware of others’ needs
we hide deep within our dark caves
until the fear of pain recedes

so we are quite reluctant
to venture brave outside
to where our hearts were ravished
to where life and love reside

you start to scratch my broken nerves
I wonder is this all worthwhile
the clouds are dark the rain pounds down
and then and then you smile

Click here to hear the poet read his words:

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