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How AnElephantCant avoid seeing the ridiculous side of life

iNoise Annoys AnElephant

AnElephantCant stand extraneous noises Perhaps it’s the size of his lug holes iPhone and iPod Mp3 oh my word He wants to flush the whole lot down the plug hole When AnElephant is on public transport He is assaulted by … Continue reading

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School’s Out Forever

What do you see when you look through the glass Asks the patiently urgent schoolmaster Trees and the sky and the clouds floating by But one boy has a different answer Birds to be caught and moose to be shot … Continue reading

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Quote du Jour

A joke is the most powerful thing there is, the most terrible: it is irresistible. . . . Great pity for people who believe in the seriousness of life. –Gustave Flaubert AnElephantCant really deny it This quote is right on … Continue reading

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Remember Remember the Fifth of November

AnElephantCant explain to non-British Just why we celebrate the Fifth of November Every school kid is told About this scoundrel of old And we are told to Remember Remember In 1605 he got involved in What is known as The … Continue reading

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Violence is Golden

  AnElephantCant keep it a secret He is a real mammoth fan of Sean Connery And this is not Just because he’s a Scot But his status as a legend is honorary  (Well, what do you expect? Why don’t you … Continue reading

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Pale Ryder and A Man With a Name

Speaking as a Scot, a European, and an avowed Francophile, AnElephantCant refrain from commenting briefly on this weekend’s Ryder Cup competition. Where the Europeans recovered from a seemingly impossible position to defeat the mighty USA. AnElephant offers sympathy and commiserations … Continue reading

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I was so much older then I’m younger than that now

Bob Dylan today releases a new album, Tempest, to commemorate and celebrate 50 years of recording. AnElephant bows his head in tribute to the poet of the 20th Century. The wind has blown, the times a-changed Lay lady lay is long … Continue reading

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Summertime and the living is mince

Summer in Scotland Wind rain storm no tornado Don’t you just love it

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Bee-fore the Flood

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Deux Jours, Toujours

The elevator takes the blushing bride On a sinful summer day The buckled floor the mirror cracked Can there be no other way? The thoughts that follow every move The eyes that watch intently The slender limbs that once were … Continue reading

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